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Podcast Production for the Podcast Boom

A couple years ago I applied for position doing audio for Iowa Public Radio. My family was stoked when I got the first interview. It was on a college campus a solid hour from the main freeways, much like the small town I grew up in, Fort Dodge.

I didn’t get the job and was torn. On one hand, I was not ready to leave the NW and go back to my home state. On the other hand, I loved producing audio and my mind was set on the process I’d assumed was the way people could work in podcast production: network positions.

Guess what, I was wrong.

Today, there is an entire growing industry around creating great audio for podcasts. Whether you are looking to hire someone, or want to get those skills in your own pocket, the fact is that the Podcast Boom is finally here.

How amazing is an era where you can use youtube for in-depth tutorials on sound issues, take an inexpensive workshop or join one of dozens of FB, Google, WeMe, or other communities that give whatever guidance you are curious about in minutes.

The podcast Boom is here.  And after 4 years since releasing my first show, I’m here FT.

Are you in for the boom?

If you’re in the Portland Area, join in next week on Friday May 3, for the launch party including music by myself and a DJ set from DJ Pacemaker, 8 pm at the Barrio in the Portland Mercado.

The In: August 5-11

The In, featuring where I’d be if I could clone myself, is back following two music filled weeks between PDX Pop Now! and Pickathon. Festival season is still full on this week with Pysch Fest, Homie Fest and more this weekend. I’m still out on vacation in the beautiful midwest, but have fun for me!

This week’s Festivals!!!

Homie Fest: This year’s 2nd annual Homie Fest bids farewell to local drum hero Papi Fimbres, who is featured in this season’s closing episode. The lineup includes many of his nearly 26 bands camping out for a surely unforgettable night.

Farm Fest: The Vortex sponsored Farm Fest features an eclectic and slightly more jam based lineup this year, an easy family favorite.

SMMR BMMR: With an eclectic array of garage psych and rock, this 3 daywarehouse fest is a perfect in town jammer.

Portland Psych Fest/Summer Daze: If Psych is up your alley, there is nowhere else to go, with a strong lineup including local, national and international names, in this multi venue 3 day fet.


Mississippi Studios: Sarah Bethe Nelson, Jason Lytle, 9 pm:
“Sarah Bethe Nelson teeters on the edge between indie rockstress and deft storyteller. Her recently released album, Fast Moving Clouds, is a testament to the years she spent people-watching as a bartender in San Francisco, and it’s markedly melancholy with a sense of a life well worn. The stories are not new, but Nelson’s craftsmanship—paired with twinges of surf guitar and understated vocals—make her more than just another singer/songwriter. Rounding out the night is Jason Lytle, formerly of Grandaddy, another master storyteller whose dark yarns will leave you uplifted. JENI WREN STOTTRUP”


Sundown Series at Ecotrust: Mimicking Birds, Orquestra Pacifica Tropical
Doug Fir: Chicano Batman, Dove Driver, Trujillo, 9 pm


The Secret Society: Alejandro & Maria Laura, Luz Elena Mendoza, Del Phoena, 9 pm


Wonder Ballroom: La Luz, Will Sprott, 9 pm
In November 2013, La Luz survived a high-speed collision while supporting their debut album, It’s Alive. The band has been in perpetual tour mode since, sneaking away to record their new album Weirdo Shrine with garage king Ty Segall, out this week on Hardly Art. The album was inspired by this incident, along with the death of a friend of frontwoman Shana Cleveland. Dark and twisty, Weirdo Shrine builds upon La Luz’s trademark surf-noir sound with infectious harmonies and nods to eleki (a brand of ’60s Japanese rock inspired by American surf music). With a grittier sound closer to La Luz’s electric live shows, Weirdo Shrine touches on themes of death and obsession, spinning a spooky and hypnotizing web. JWS


Crystal Ballroom: D’Angelo & the Vanguard, 8:30 pm
While tickets are sold out for this show, there are 0.0 shows I’d rather be at anywhere. D’Angelo pulled a Beyonce this year reminding us all who the original siren was, releasing one of the most interesting albums of 2015. Always on point, this is guaranteed to be show legends are made of.


The Liquor Store: Sean Flinn, Moorea Masa, Sandy Loam, 9 pm