We Don’t Need to Hurry to Succeed

You can accomplish GREAT things.. but why are you in a hurry to succeed? Reaching success takes time! Once the excitement of the start wears off, it’s easy to go astray.. Now it’s frustrating and you need to FIND A SOLUTION!Instead of playing Web MD for your craft to find an answer… it’s time to slow your roll and come back to your foundations and reach out for help. You might even find opportunities where you least expect them. In this week’s episode, I get into why we become fatalist when things don’t go our way, how we should take on the mindset of climbers on Mt Everest, and how a better foundation will make every setback less painful.

Becoming Your Own Best Goal

Goals? What if YOU were your own goal. We’re talking motivation goal setting in this week’s short video.

I follow one of MY goals: I go UNSCRIPTED for the first time.

I share how roller skating setting off a CHAIN of events that left me thinking about the WHO I wanted to become.

If you’re looking to make a big change, find out how visualizing the kind of person you want to be is the best way to inspire the growth you want as a creator.

Podcast Boom is finally here!

uple years ago I applied for position doing audio for Iowa Public Radio. My family was stoked when I got the first interview. It was on a college campus a solid hour from the main freeways, much like the small town I grew up in, Fort Dodge.I didn’t get the job and was torn. On one hand, I was not ready to leave the NW and go back to my home state. On the other hand, I loved producing audio and my mind was set on the process I’d assumed was the way people could work in podcast production: network positions.
Guess what, I was wrong.

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