Getting into Media: Press Kits, Releases and Media Strategies

media plans
media plans

Why I learned Media Plans Were So Important

Before I ever began podcasting, even before I began performing solo shows, I got a degree in creating campaigns. Political Communication is ALL about crafting a message and finding compelling ways to connect to audiences. 

Over the next decade before I started podcasting, I applied these skills to my music career, creatively funding projects, to launching a record, music festivals, and eventually working in media sponsorship on the board of PDX Pop Now, doing PR for friends solo projects including Portland’s  Y La Bamba’s revival party and writing for publications including Vortex Magazine, Paste and the Portland Mercury.

Naturally when it came to podcasting I came with the same fervor, eventually working for companies like Interview Connections before realizing that I wasn’t in love with PR and wanted to really dive into my engineering and producer soul.

But, I got a FIRM foundation in how one goes about getting on to others shows and building a solid media plan.

I hadn’t done a workshop on this topic before, so I decided it was time. These are a few great tools to help you get yourself out there with your shows.

This is a topic I’ll be coming back to soon, so please email me if you have more questions I can answer in a future date!

Watch the media workshop here

In this episode: 

  • Setting your goals for media 2:15
  • What is the idea you will be pitching 3:27
  • Finding media contacts 6:30
  • Press Releases and sending them effectively 8:58
  • One sheets and websites 18:17
  • What to do next: how to effectively follow up 26:13

If you want to find out more about setting up events, a great way to get press, check out this interview and short workshop.

I also do 101 Planning Sessions in media training! You can set up a call here!

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