Epsiode 1: Songwriter Stirling Miles


Alameda Songwriter on Keeping Art Fresh

Myles has toured the US and Europe with his band Alameda while working as a social media manager for the boutique music licensing agency Marmoset and writing for publications such as Seattle Weekly and 1859. Most recently, he started the series Bus Talk, where he collaborates with artists to make drawings of things he overhears on his daily commute. And, he’s been mistaken for Dan Auerbach on more than one occasion.

I sat down with him last fall in our first-ever podcast to ask him about everything from his secret hidden talent to advice on social media and touring in the US and Europe. Listen below as we work our way through a myriad of questions and topics.

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Jeni Wren Stottrup

Featured music: “Summer Dharma” by Alameda

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alameda songwriter Stirling Miles

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