Beyonce has returned

Anyone who knows me for long enough knows my deep obsession with all things Beyonce

I pretty much turn into a 16 year old girl belting out Destiny’s Child while “shagging the drag”of my midwest hometown in my friend Kelly’s Mustang Convertible.

I was floored by the release of Formation, sharing with my pre teen students how important the release was historically, then bumming when I didn’t score tickets to her Seattle show.

So, I’ve been closely watching the lead up to her most recent release “Lemonade”.  It came out yesterday, a follow up testimony to the famous “elevator scandal” associated with Rachel   Roy and Jay Z’s infidelities.

It’s up on streaming today and a must see for all true fans and ogglers alike.

Catch it now on HBO for their free weekend, buy it on Tidal or on FB while you still can.  You won’t be disappointed 

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