Podcast Editing Services and Production to Make Your Life Easier

Podcast Editing Services and Launch Support are my super skills!

Are you finding yourself spending too much time on the little pieces of creating your show?

Are you finding yourself delaying on you shows launch?

Are you having an issue that no matter how hard you try, it’s just taking time away from your time with your show?

I’m here to take those worries off you plate by help you produce your show. Leave the podcast editing services and management to Gritty Birds Podcasting.

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For the last 15 years, I’ve been creating media, doing launches and producing music, podcasts, articles, videos and more. 

Since starting Gritty Birds 5 years ago, I have helped hundreds of podcasters, broadcasters and companies with launch workshops, 1 on 1 support, podcast production, production support, media training, audio consulting, live recording, content workshops and more. 

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It’s not just podcast editing services! Gritty Birds Podcasting does so much more!

You can book a consult to chat, so I can help you make the best of your show!

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Podcast Editing Services and Production made for YOU

Are you looking to start a podcast? Or do you have a podcast that you have already launched and want to make your production better? I can help you. 

With both broadcast journalism experience and audio engineering in my tool kit, my clients come to me because they know that we can get the best content AND sound possible.

Whatever your problem is, Gritty Birds Podcasting works to find solutions for YOU.

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Happy Clients keep me motivated!

I’ve spent the last 7 years, on podcasts, and producing podcasts. I’ve learned the ins and outs the old fashioned way, by podcasting. Over the years, I’ve gone through just about everything in the book that could go wrong. And thats why I began offering podcasting editing services.

Are you stuck in your ideas in your launch? No problem. I have a 6 part 2 phase system that will help you break out of your creative bubble and make a show you never knew you had in you!

Are you a tech newbie? No problem! As a former elementary teacher, I am great at breaking down problems to help you get through those frustrating tech hurdles. And with years of pro audio experience, I can get you through just about any problem.

Are you finding yourself consistently behind on your production schedule? No problem. I can work with you to find out where you can make small changes and use automation to help save you hours each week.

Are you looking to scale your shows? No problem! With years of experience in media, sponsorship and PR, I’m here to help you identify your issue, quantify it and find solutions.

I applied what I learned in years in media and marketing when I launched Gritty Birds , and I’ve used what I’ve learned to help my clients succeed with their shows.

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Not only that, but I support all my podcast clients both for my workshops and production services with group support and a library of videos and pdfs to help them with common  problems ALL podcasters encounter. They use our podcast editing services because they know and trust us!

Ready to come on board with Gritty Birds Podcasting?

Your story is important! And I’m here to help you tell it.

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What are you waiting for! Book a consult to get a quote TODAY!