rv studio portrait

Want to Learn the Shocking Story How I Escaped Oregon’s 2020 Smoke Storm to Set up an Inspiring RV Video and Podcast Studio?

Studio set up in a completely new state had NOT been a part of my plan.

Recently I launched a brand new series of produced videos all about everything production. How that project GOT going is a story in itself.

In the first video of the series I share the shocking story of my experience in the 2020 Oregon Smoke Storm.

And I how I took a bad situation and made the best of it by setting up a studio in a completely different state.

By Wednesday, the air quality was in the 200s.. By Friday, it was completely off the charts. 

The morning of the workshop, a circle of singers in Portland were quickly spreading word at which paint stores had N95 masks.. as even inside most of our friends homes, it was hard to breath. 

I was only outside 15 minutes to get the mask, but in that amount of time, my voice was wrecked. Speaking at a national conference on vocal work at 1? NOT ideal.

I took a hot shower while I did vocal exercises, did a nasal rinse, drank a HUGE glass of hot tea with honey and lemon and by 1, I could actually use my voice again.. 

PHEW!! Thankfully vocal repair is one of my areas of expertise(something we’ll cover in the upcoming vocal workshop).

Which brings us to the DIY studio and why I ended up making one…

me peaking in
rv computer
Smooth set up
rv piano
view from the piano I borrowed from my friend Cathy
rv lights
shop lights on boards with parchment paper
rv clamps
shop clamps holding screwed on wooden boards
rv cables
cable organization AND backups are always key
rv back lights
a fan helping keep the computer cool on hottest Oct day in Iowa history
rv studio portrait
Myself in Iowa in the RV studio
rv cameras
stands and stands and stands
rv computer desk
View from the desk
rv dachshund
one of my dachshunds. inscription on bottom: “To Jeni for Making All State Choir 10/99 Mom and Dad

A couple days later, I called my family in Iowa and booked a flight home. At the end of it all, we had nearly 11 days of absolutely insane breathing conditions. I was ready to get this academy and course series rolling and knew I had to get out of that horrible smoke for a couple weeks.

The cool thing about our place in Iowa is that my parents have an RV. So, between the gear I had and stands my Dad and I rigged, along with shop lights, we made a pretty sweet little DIY RV video studio. I got to work there for 2 weeks.

Above is a video where I get to give you a tour of that space. It was a lot of fun to make. And maybe it will inspire you in your studio build outs as well. While I’m back in Oregon now, it was a fantastic spot to record a lot of content for my new production podcast!


Are you interested in building out your home studio?

Studio production is one of my very favorite things. The good news is if you are also someone looking to learn, THIS is what I do. And there are MORE videos on the channel that will help you learn production and gear.

I mean, why should you buy it and test it out when I already HAVE it and you can go ahead and learn from me. Afterall, that’s the point of having a test kitchen studio.

The NEXT video in the series is out NOW and not only is the production value far better than this first, but it was also filmed in the Iowa RV studio.

I’ll be releasing a NEW one of these every 2-3 weeks.

Check out the video here:

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