Deity Lavalie Unboxing and Soundflower Tutorial

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The Deity Lavalier mic is one of the most recommended lavaliers on the market. Especially if you have been wanting a lavalier mic action for your video set up but aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg.  

I picked one up and have a review and set up tutorial to help you get the best sound you can out of the mic. Not only will be doing a full unboxing today, but I’ll also be walking you through using Ladiocast in Mac to get this mic optimized for your set up. 

PLUS a second take review after feedback from one of my clients. Because, we know not all gear is made equally, ESPECIALLY when you got it for cheapo.


1:11 Mic unboxing

5:59 Setting up system preferences in Mac

6:19 Sound test

6:36 Setting up a lavalier and mic through Soundflower/Ladiocast

7:39 adjusting sound in Ladiocast

9:32 Final settings post set up

10:24 Take away and advice while using lavaliers

11:35 The countertake – a different opinion

12:43 Final thoughts

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