The In: August 26 – September 1

Summer is nearly over and it’s the last week of “The In” and “Gritty Birds” until next season

Stay tuned for my Up and Comings and features at Portland Mercury.

The lastest podcast is up as well, don’t miss my fantastic interview with Mac Smiff, editor of NW hip hop magazing We Out Here!

Doug Fir: Houndstooth, Balto, The Hill Dogs, 9 pm

Dig a Pony: New Move, The Domestics, Newrotics, 9 pm
Turn! Turn! Turn!–Jesse R. Berlin, Ali Muhareb, Hands In, 8 pm

Clinton Street Theater–Psychomagic, Hey Lover, Globelamp, 9 pm, all ages
Revolution Hall Rooftop: Y La Bamba and Kyle Craft

Alberta Street Pub–Pigwar, Brownish Black, 8:30 pm
“PigWar finds its roots in the haze of smoked-out ’70s blues and rock clubs, melding classic rock ‘n’ roll and R&B with current psych-era twists into an electric blend all its own. The return of Ropeadope Records artist/producer Teddy Presburg to Portland two years ago quickly revived a long-dormant collaboration with folk artist and frontman Garrett Brennan, whose revivalist energy commands not fire and brimstone but sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Live, PigWar rounds out Presburg’s multi-instrumental psych-jazz with an impressive band that includes 1939 Ensemble’s Josh Thomas and David Coniglio. They’re sharing the bill with fellow soul revivalists Brownish Black, so this is a night for fans of in-your-face, down-‘n’-dirty soul.”

Hawthorne Theatre: Shuggie Otis, Moon by You, 7 pm
The Hollywood Theatre: Heavy Breather Tonight!, 9:30

Al’s Den: There Is No Mountain, Siren & the Sea, Seth Bombara, 7 pm, free

Goodfoot: Farnell Newton, 10 pm, free

Episode 10: Hip-Hop Magazine Editor Mac Smiff

We Out Here Editor Mac Smiff about bringing Portland Hip-Hop to the center stage

“Everyone should have a chance to make their art and tell their story,” tells Mac Smiff (aka Fahiym B. Acuay), editor of the local online hip-hop magazine We Out Here. Starting his first journal at age 4 after his older sister taught him to read, Smiff has always had a way with words. Inspired by the narrative in hip-hop, his time as editor-in-chief of WOHM has coincided with a burst of growth in the ongoing Portland scene, despite racial and police issues surrounding the community.

As a vocal advocate for change, Smiff has been at the forefront, experiencing racism at his front door and regularly putting the spotlight on issues around the cities. These experiences are bringing forward the stories that he states are important for our history—stories that are increasingly bringing Portland hip-hop to the center stage.

In the penultimate Gritty Birds episode of Season One, we sit down with Smiff to talk about his story, his favorite artists and influences in hip-hop throughout the decades, and what’s going on in the local hip-hop scene today and moving forward.

The soundtrack to this week’s episode features “Razor Tongue Saltine” by Mic Capes and was recorded and mixed at Open Roads Studios by Jeni Wren Stottrup.

The In: Music and event picks August 12-18

I’m back from vacation and happily will be out and about this week!

While I won’t be at all these shows, there are some great events to check out as we start stepping out of festival season.

Next week stay tuned as the podcast returns for it’s last 3 episodes, with buzz comedian and True West marketing director Amy Miller.


Doug Fir: Liv Warfield, 9 pm

Holocene: Synesthetica: Vinnie Dewayne, Wishyunu, Radiation City, Dan Lurie, 8:30 pm

Mississippi Studios–Robin Bacior, Sara Jackson-Holman, Johanna Warren, 8 pm


Bunk Bar: Mascaras, Hats Off, Gallons, 9:30 pm

Doug Fir: Rio Grands, Brownish Black, Old Wave, 9 pm


Bunk Bar: Fanno Creek, Sun Blood Stories, Still Caves, 9:30 pm

Mississippi Studios: Wild Ones, Pearles, 9 pm,

Revolution Hall: Ural Thomas & the Pain, Nick Waterhouse, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Rev Shines, 8 pm


Bunk Bar: Froth, Psychomagic, Hollow Sidewalks, 9:30 pm

Mississippi Studios: Sun Angle, Summer Cannibals, Blesst Chest, 9 pm

“Goodbyes don’t have to be sad occasions. Tonight marks the final show of local favorite Sun Angle and the tour kick-off for growing national buzz band Summer Cannibals. In 2013, Sun Angle, known for their enthusiastic punk-psych cumbia, released their debut album Diamond Junk shortly after taking an unexpected break. While the band members kept more than busy with side projects such as Máscaras and’s Heavy Breather radio show, they returned strong with a string of shows in recent months. Both Sun Angle and Summer Cannibals are known for their fiery, intense shows, so expect the unexpected. Rounded out by prog-rock favorites Blesst Chest, this will be a night of thrash intensity at its finest, a send-off worthy of a band ending before its time and a proper launch for a band worth celebrating. “

Portland Metro Arts Center: Montavilla Jazz Festival 2015: Darrell Grant, Rich Halley, George Colligan, Ryan Meagher, Alan Jones, Ian Christensen, 2 pm


Rontoms: Aan, Regular Music, Bitch’n

“What happens when you combine the female forces behind projects such as Duover, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Point Juncture WA, Ioa, Great Wilderness, and Sallie Ford? This is where Bitch’n brews. The fresh, all-woman punk-meets-pop five-piece came together in spring 2015, recording epic free jams that they later wrote lyrics over. Including Rebecca Rasmussen, Amanda Spring, Emily Overstreet, Nefertiti Porter, and Shana Lindbeck, Bitch’n is equal parts Fugazi and Tom Tom Club, with the playfulness of Dirty Projectors and Hot Chip, keeping it bumpin’ with catchy songs accented by dark bass, psych-pop guitars and keys, driving drum beats, and all five women’s voices singing and sometimes shouting in unison. Experimental in nature, Bitch’n expertly weave a tapestry through their songs, keeping the project from falling into a single box, while simultaneously following a cohesive thread. With Lindbeck leaving for Germany soon, catch them in their full glory while you still can.”

Al’s Den: Lukas Borsten, Aug 16-22, 7 pm


Dantes: Who’s The Ross 600th episode featuring Bud Wilson of Aan

The In: Festival Season August 5-11

The In, featuring where I’d be if I could clone myself, is back following two music filled weeks between PDX Pop Now! and Pickathon

Festival season is still full on this week with Pysch Fest, Homie Fest and more this weekend. I’m still out on vacation in the beautiful midwest, but have fun for me!

This week’s Festivals!!!

Homie Fest: This year’s 2nd annual Homie Fest bids farewell to local drum hero Papi Fimbres, who is featured in this season’s closing episode. The lineup includes many of his nearly 26 bands camping out for a surely unforgettable night.

Farm Fest: The Vortex sponsored Farm Fest features an eclectic and slightly more jam based lineup this year, an easy family favorite.

SMMR BMMR: With an eclectic array of garage psych and rock, this 3 daywarehouse fest is a perfect in town jammer.

Portland Psych Fest/Summer Daze: If Psych is up your alley, there is nowhere else to go, with a strong lineup including local, national and international names, in this multi venue 3 day fet.


Mississippi Studios: Sarah Bethe Nelson, Jason Lytle, 9 pm:
“Sarah Bethe Nelson teeters on the edge between indie rockstress and deft storyteller. Her recently released album, Fast Moving Clouds, is a testament to the years she spent people-watching as a bartender in San Francisco, and it’s markedly melancholy with a sense of a life well worn. The stories are not new, but Nelson’s craftsmanship—paired with twinges of surf guitar and understated vocals—make her more than just another singer/songwriter. Rounding out the night is Jason Lytle, formerly of Grandaddy, another master storyteller whose dark yarns will leave you uplifted. JENI WREN STOTTRUP”


Sundown Series at Ecotrust: Mimicking Birds, Orquestra Pacifica Tropical
Doug Fir: Chicano Batman, Dove Driver, Trujillo, 9 pm


The Secret Society: Alejandro & Maria Laura, Luz Elena Mendoza, Del Phoena, 9 pm


Wonder Ballroom: La Luz, Will Sprott, 9 pm
In November 2013, La Luz survived a high-speed collision while supporting their debut album, It’s Alive. The band has been in perpetual tour mode since, sneaking away to record their new album Weirdo Shrine with garage king Ty Segall, out this week on Hardly Art. The album was inspired by this incident, along with the death of a friend of frontwoman Shana Cleveland. Dark and twisty, Weirdo Shrine builds upon La Luz’s trademark surf-noir sound with infectious harmonies and nods to eleki (a brand of ’60s Japanese rock inspired by American surf music). With a grittier sound closer to La Luz’s electric live shows, Weirdo Shrine touches on themes of death and obsession, spinning a spooky and hypnotizing web. JWS


Crystal Ballroom: D’Angelo & the Vanguard, 8:30 pm
While tickets are sold out for this show, there are 0.0 shows I’d rather be at anywhere. D’Angelo pulled a Beyonce this year reminding us all who the original siren was, releasing one of the most interesting albums of 2015. Always on point, this is guaranteed to be show legends are made of.


The Liquor Store: Sean Flinn, Moorea Masa, Sandy Loam, 9 pm

Episode 9: Talent Scout Brandon Day

One of the questions faced by every artist is how to sustain yourself financially.

Marmoset Music, based in Portland Oregon, has sought to answer this question, connecting artists and advertising through sync licensing. In this week’s episode, I interviewed Brandon Day, the company’s artist wrangler and talent scout. Brandon shared his insights on the ins and outs of licensing, some of his favorite artists today and where to find the best bike rides in the Portland area.

Recorded and mixed at Open Roads Studios by Jeni Wren Stottrup
Produced by Jeni Wren Stottrup
Sponsored by Vortex Music Magazine
Underscore “Disbelief” by The Papers

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