The In: Music and event picks August 12-18

I’m back from vacation and happily will be out and about this week!

While I won’t be at all these shows, there are some great events to check out as we start stepping out of festival season.

Next week stay tuned as the podcast returns for it’s last 3 episodes, with buzz comedian and True West marketing director Amy Miller.


Doug Fir: Liv Warfield, 9 pm

Holocene: Synesthetica: Vinnie Dewayne, Wishyunu, Radiation City, Dan Lurie, 8:30 pm

Mississippi Studios–Robin Bacior, Sara Jackson-Holman, Johanna Warren, 8 pm


Bunk Bar: Mascaras, Hats Off, Gallons, 9:30 pm

Doug Fir: Rio Grands, Brownish Black, Old Wave, 9 pm


Bunk Bar: Fanno Creek, Sun Blood Stories, Still Caves, 9:30 pm

Mississippi Studios: Wild Ones, Pearles, 9 pm,

Revolution Hall: Ural Thomas & the Pain, Nick Waterhouse, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Rev Shines, 8 pm


Bunk Bar: Froth, Psychomagic, Hollow Sidewalks, 9:30 pm

Mississippi Studios: Sun Angle, Summer Cannibals, Blesst Chest, 9 pm

“Goodbyes don’t have to be sad occasions. Tonight marks the final show of local favorite Sun Angle and the tour kick-off for growing national buzz band Summer Cannibals. In 2013, Sun Angle, known for their enthusiastic punk-psych cumbia, released their debut album Diamond Junk shortly after taking an unexpected break. While the band members kept more than busy with side projects such as Máscaras and’s Heavy Breather radio show, they returned strong with a string of shows in recent months. Both Sun Angle and Summer Cannibals are known for their fiery, intense shows, so expect the unexpected. Rounded out by prog-rock favorites Blesst Chest, this will be a night of thrash intensity at its finest, a send-off worthy of a band ending before its time and a proper launch for a band worth celebrating. “

Portland Metro Arts Center: Montavilla Jazz Festival 2015: Darrell Grant, Rich Halley, George Colligan, Ryan Meagher, Alan Jones, Ian Christensen, 2 pm


Rontoms: Aan, Regular Music, Bitch’n

“What happens when you combine the female forces behind projects such as Duover, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Point Juncture WA, Ioa, Great Wilderness, and Sallie Ford? This is where Bitch’n brews. The fresh, all-woman punk-meets-pop five-piece came together in spring 2015, recording epic free jams that they later wrote lyrics over. Including Rebecca Rasmussen, Amanda Spring, Emily Overstreet, Nefertiti Porter, and Shana Lindbeck, Bitch’n is equal parts Fugazi and Tom Tom Club, with the playfulness of Dirty Projectors and Hot Chip, keeping it bumpin’ with catchy songs accented by dark bass, psych-pop guitars and keys, driving drum beats, and all five women’s voices singing and sometimes shouting in unison. Experimental in nature, Bitch’n expertly weave a tapestry through their songs, keeping the project from falling into a single box, while simultaneously following a cohesive thread. With Lindbeck leaving for Germany soon, catch them in their full glory while you still can.”

Al’s Den: Lukas Borsten, Aug 16-22, 7 pm


Dantes: Who’s The Ross 600th episode featuring Bud Wilson of Aan

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