Episode 12: Pop-Punks YACHT

Last week, Gritty Birds debuted as a radio show, but true to form, the podcast is still alive

Check out the first episode of my Treefort series partnership with Self Group and photographer Ingrid Renan featuring native Oregonians, LA transplants and self described “pop-punks” YACHT currently on tour with M83, including two sold out nights, April 25th and 26th at Portland’s Roseland Theatre.

Check out the next episode with Radiation city this week on KXRY XRay FM Thursdays from 1-1:30.  Episodes are on iTunes Mondays.


Beyonce has returned

Anyone who knows me for long enough knows my deep obsession with all things Beyonce

I pretty much turn into a 16 year old girl belting out Destiny’s Child while “shagging the drag”of my midwest hometown in my friend Kelly’s Mustang Convertible.

I was floored by the release of Formation, sharing with my pre teen students how important the release was historically, then bumming when I didn’t score tickets to her Seattle show.

So, I’ve been closely watching the lead up to her most recent release “Lemonade”.  It came out yesterday, a follow up testimony to the famous “elevator scandal” associated with Rachel   Roy and Jay Z’s infidelities.

It’s up on streaming today and a must see for all true fans and ogglers alike.

Catch it now on HBO for their free weekend, buy it on Tidal or on FB while you still can.  You won’t be disappointed


Rest in Peace Prince

There are few icons that have inspired so much laud as Prince and deservedly

Just watch this Hall of Fame performance of Guitar Gently Weeps.  The way he takes over and completely destroys, is one of my favorite live videos of all time.

The artist has a special place in Portland hearts, as he brought Liv Warfield to national attention while also taking Ashley Jay and Saeeda Wright into his band family.

Ashley Jayy just posted a response: “My am deeply saddened by the news I received this morning…. Thank you for all of those who called and checked on me. My heart aches, but I have been blessed to be a part of an Icons journey… It has been an extreme pleasure of singing with the incomparable Prince, and my heart goes out to everyone who has been touched by his music all around the world, people who has been inspired by the legacy of his music, family and loved ones… I am beyond blessed… Rest in Peace… Rest In Love, and Rest in Purple!!????”

Watch him shred, making mince meat of the other greats.  It gets too after the 3 minute mark.

Gritty Birds is back and coming to XRay FM!

The Gritty Birds Podcast is back with intimate conversations, profiling the personalities and insights of the grittiest artists, makers and key voices involved today

and to your radio dial on XRay FM, Portland, Oregon’s premier new radio station!

With the help of a big social media push, and the support of sponsors such as the independent record label Tender Loving Empire and Vortex Magazine, Gritty Birds emerged last summer as a “Top 5 music podcast”(Willamette Week), picking up thousands of listeners around the world.

Produced by “music maven”(Secretly Rad Media) Jeni Wren Stottrup, this spring the podcast partnered with DIY label Self Group and photographer Ingrid Renan, working on location at  Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho to interview national and international artists about finding success without losing your ethic in today’s changing landscape.

The series, featuring Christopher Willits, Yacht, Sarah Bethe Nelson(Burger Records), Diarrhea Planet, Wimps, Radiation City and Tamar Aphek(Israel) will be airing on XRay starting this spring, along with original content in a 30 minute format.

Returning, the podcast is keeping to its mission of going behind the scenes of the music industry with intimate conversations, profiling the personalities and insights of the grittiest artists, makers and key voices involved today, while seeking to expand beyond the West Coast to new markets.

Next Tuesday, the series will be previewing the new format on itunes and soundcloud, with an interview with native Oregonians, LA transplants and self described “pop-punks” Yacht, in anticipation of their return to Portland with two sold out shows April 25th and 26th at Roseland Theatre with M83.

Stay tuned for dates and times of the upcoming series by following @grittybirds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, itunes and by signing up for our mailing list.

For press inquiries, contact grittybirds@gmail.com

The In: Super Power Women Edition with Summer Cannibals and Moon Tiger

I woke up today to two wonderful things on my feed: Summer Cannibals new music video and Moon Tiger’s debut EP.  If you know anything about either of these bands, you now they are made up of women who are doing big things, not just as musicians-which they very much are-but as makers and doers in the city of Portland.

Moon Tiger:

Welcome Moon Tiger.  Influenced by feminist rockers like Patti Smith, the band made up of Alison Cohn, Taylor Hill, Alicia J. Rose and Meagan Faith Schreiber spent the last year making it clear that they were down for house shows and unexpected venues.  Featuring one of the fiercest makers in Portland, Alicia J. Rose(listen to my interview with her from last year here), the newest evolution of Miss Murgatroid, currently the Queen behind web series The Benefits of Gusbandry… the record is a gem with great writing and a quick introduction to what is quickly going to be one of my favorite bands in town.  “Mama gonna take your pain away” See them at their release show this Thursday the 7th with Ali Mujareb and Dreckig at Bunk Bar.

Summer Cannibals

Today Stereogum premiered the newest video from Portland’s foremost rockers, Summer Cannibals.  I first fell in love with them after of all places, hearing them on Sound Opinions last spring and then a racaus late night show at Treefort in 2015 and then Pickathon in 2015… and now it feels like I’ve never not been obsessed with them.  Jessica Boudreaux, Jenny Logan and Devon Shirley do what the best of the heavies do, make more sound with 3 people than most bands could make with 6.  The band has been on the road with Thermals and recently signed with Kill Rock Stars, a label that famously won’t work with you unless you have your shit together, and boy do they ever.