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Getting into Media: Press Kits, Releases and Media Strategies

Before I ever began podcasting, even before I began performing solo shows, I got a degree in creating campaigns.

Over the next decade before I started podcasting, I applied these skills to my music career, to creatively funding projects, to launching a record, music festivals, and eventually working in media sponsorship on the board of PDX Pop Now and doing PR for friends solo projects including Portland’s  Y La Bamba’s revival party and writing for publications including Vortex Magazine,

Naturally when it came to podcasting I came with the same fervor, eventually working for companies like Podcast Connections before realizing that I wasn’t in love with PR and wanted to really dive into my engineering and producer soul.

But, I got a FIRM foundation in how one goes about getting on to others shows and building a solid media plan.

I hadn’t done a workshop on this topic before, so I pulled together a workshop about getting yourself out there with your shows.

I will definitely be doing a deeper dive on this subject later on with more visuals.

In this episode: 

  • Setting your goals for media 2:15
  • What is the idea you will be pitching 3:27
  • Finding media contacts 6:30
  • Press Releases and sending them effectively 8:58
  • One sheets and websites 18:17
  • What to do next: how to effectively follow up 26:13

Launching Your Podcast: A Workshop

If you’re clicking on this link, you are probably one of the hundreds of people that have been pod curious for some time.

I launched my first podcast 5 years ago and only a few months later, began giving this workshop to curious potential podcasters.

As I began to pivot my company, I realized it was time for me to get a new show going myself that would benefit my clients and friends who were curious but might have a tight budget.

What better than to begin with the workshop that I’ve given the most over the last 4 years?

There is a lot covered in this video in just a short a hour. But I guarantee you’ll feel great with your start.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the You Tube channel!

In this episode:

In this episode:

  • Considerations before you record  2:42
  • Mini Creation Exercise 8:04
  • Talking Style 10:20
  • Organization programs 13:10
  • Using programs to book and schedule guests 16:50
  • Basic recording 18:11
  • Microphones 25:45
  • Recording interfaces 28:10
  • Other tech considerations 32:33
  • Digital Audio Workstations 34:48
  • Recording in your DAW 35:33
  • Recording checklist 37:50
  • Editing 40:19
  • Social Media, Logos and titles 42:07
  • Pre release considerations 43:29
  • Choosing a  host 45:40
  • Setting up your feed 47:10
  • Sponsorship and funding 49:38
  • Getting listeners 50:22
  • More resources 51:23

Stuck at home? Want to start a pod? Free and low cost workshop

What a time to be alive.

Yes, you heard me right. We’re alive! This is an very different moment in the world and as a person who has been working from home for the last year, I’m here to help you settle in and start communicating in a new way.

With finances tight, I’m offering two new workshops that can help you get going.

First, a FREE 101 workshop this Friday. I will be doing more in this 101 series over the next weeks adding to my skills library for clients.

Second, a 4 person cap launch group. I do personalized launches but as things are getting tighter in budgets, I wanted to make something affordable, at the $300 level. Group will start once we hit 3 people.

This is a great option and will also help keep Gritty Birds Podcasting floating while some clients are pausing. It’s been a tough spring but our brand is Grit. We are tough and believe in resilience and getting through the hard times through positivity and community.

Link to register is below. You can also sign up on the mailing list for the link and week’s offering straight to your inbox on Mondays.

One year Solo: Déjà vu and Nostalgia on a year

Déjà vu and Nostalgia are close cousins. Sometimes time during seasons can blur in such a way that it’s hard to remember the exact details of certain weeks. Rather, a vague sense that time moves faster than other times.

That’s how I feel about February.

It used to be a month that left me sad, mourning loss. But for the last decade it’s been a month that forced decisions, shifted narratives and led me to ask: Can we do more?

This year I’m celebrating my first anniversary as an LLC. Being a legal business has its challenges. There are days where shows need to keep running while taxes need to get done, and calls collaborating production and constant travels are all finely balanced. There are fantastic days and moments of unexpected growth and opportunity. There are also days where it feels like a punch in the face.

Yet, we KNOW that we have to keep producing. It’s not obligation. The show must go on. It’s about the honor of doing the work as much as it is fighting against it’s temper tantrums.

The struggle and strength of February is taking all those memory based experiences and using them to push into the next year. Just like a podcast.

The bumps aren’t every day. They’re the winds before spring. Hopefully they’re the part that helps push this beginning for our company and in our shows for the next decade.

I am currently heading to LA this week for Podcast Evolutions. If you are interested in setting up a meeting at Evolutions or after for consulting, launches or production, click below.

Announcement: Gritty Birds/Jeni Wren Stottrup speaking at First Podcast Editors Conference at PodFest

This year is the first annual Podcast Editors Conference, which is taking place the day before PodFest in Orlando, Friday March 6th. The conference, founded by Mark Deal and Steve Stewart, features single sessions around building your podcast business.

My talk will be focused on organizational systems and workflows for communication and podcast development with clients. Using systems like Trello, Dropbox Paper and more to automate systems, allows us to be more organized and support clients in more creative ways.

You can buy tickets by clicking on the image below.