Online Events Made Easy: A workshop and Interview with Super Joe Pardo

Have you ever wanted to put on an amazing online event?

Online events are a solid way to grow your base and connect with new podcasters around the world.

Joe Pardo has been putting on events since he was in middle school. A tech lover, it was no surprise that this naturally gravitated to the world of online media.

In 2020, he’s produced nearly bimonthly podcasting conferences on topics from social media to launching your show to marketing.

online events

How did he create online events for the Independent Podcasts Group

Over the last few weeks we have seen online concerts, online conferences, online meetings. Everything you can possibly consider for setting up online, we went there.

And for Joe, he went to his community, the indiepodcon community to build them out.

Joe is the host of many shows and also the founder of Indiepodcon. The quickly growing podcast conference and online community has hosted multiple online conferences on various pod related topics over the last months.

So, I knew he would be a fantastic person to chat with.

Joe tells us he uses different programs in different ways, including OBS and Streamyard. He also tells us his history of streaming and creating events and why in person events are still key to networking.


In this episode:

Online events Mini workshop

  • Things to consider before starting your event 2:17
  • Setting goals for your event 2:55
  • Optimizing stream and streaming apps to use and that integrate: 3:36
  • Zoom settings 5:19 for set up and for screen sharing
  • Other consideratoins 8:02
  • Pre Recording Check 9:48
  • Creating your event 10:16

Interview with Joe Pardo

  • Early streaming experiences with Streamyard and OBS 13:23
  • How Joe got into creating events 18:18
  • The growth of the Indiepodcon Community after a name change while moving to streaming events 24:26
  • Organizing a weekend long series 27:53
  • Working with his team on keeping workshops on schedule 34:16
  • Why in person conferences are still key to networking 49:33
  • Mitigating issues that come up and ensuring communication with speakers 56:22

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Getting into Media: Press Kits, Releases and Media Strategies

media plans

Why I learned Media Plans Were So Important

Before I ever began podcasting, even before I began performing solo shows, I got a degree in creating campaigns. Political Communication is ALL about crafting a message and finding compelling ways to connect to audiences. 

Over the next decade before I started podcasting, I applied these skills to my music career, creatively funding projects, to launching a record, music festivals, and eventually working in media sponsorship on the board of PDX Pop Now, doing PR for friends solo projects including Portland’s  Y La Bamba’s revival party and writing for publications including Vortex Magazine, Paste and the Portland Mercury.

Naturally when it came to podcasting I came with the same fervor, eventually working for companies like Interview Connections before realizing that I wasn’t in love with PR and wanted to really dive into my engineering and producer soul.

But, I got a FIRM foundation in how one goes about getting on to others shows and building a solid media plan.

I hadn’t done a workshop on this topic before, so I decided it was time. These are a few great tools to help you get yourself out there with your shows.

This is a topic I’ll be coming back to soon, so please email me if you have more questions I can answer in a future date!

Watch the media workshop here

In this episode: 

  • Setting your goals for media 2:15
  • What is the idea you will be pitching 3:27
  • Finding media contacts 6:30
  • Press Releases and sending them effectively 8:58
  • One sheets and websites 18:17
  • What to do next: how to effectively follow up 26:13

If you want to find out more about setting up events, a great way to get press, check out this interview and short workshop.

I also do 101 Planning Sessions in media training! You can set up a call here!

Live Streaming to Win By Nailing Your Interface Set Up

Live Streaming

Live streaming can get you path to new audiences and dialing in your audio is key to helping you keep your audio quality high.

It’s KEY to not only think about microphones, but just as importantly to consider the hardware that you use to record into your computer. 

So I thought it might be super helpful to show you how you can connect to the internet with a multitude of devices that I happen to have in my studio, from the Scarlett 2i2 to the Zoom H4N to a simple pair of Apple Earbuds, which I used to record in this ep!

As computers can be finicky I also take you through some workflows and important tips to consider before and after you record.

This video was recorded on Streamyard!

Watch the Live Streaming with Interfaces Video!

In this episode: 

  • Using Apple earbuds 2:15
  • Using a mixer including basics of gain(shown is the Allen & Heath Zed 10FX) 3:49
  • Setting up your interface in your Apple Computer settings 5:22
  • Testing your set up 6:17
  • Using a Zoom recorder 8:16
  • Recording with Interfaces(Shown is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) 9:41
  • Recording with the Babyface Pro including chaining with a mixer for more inputs  13:58
  • Using a phone with USB mics (pictured is MV88 +) 18:17
  • Considerations when streaming as a musician 19:41
  • Q and A 24:30

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Live Streaming Basics

When Quarantine began the #1 question I got hit with the most was the Who, What, What, Where and Why of Live Streaming.

So, I set to work gathering as much info as I could about different streaming services, considerations and more. This was just the first phase of my explorations, so keep up with later videos as I go deeper into use.

We have had many more conversations about streaming since, but here is a good solid starter guide. This particular episode as well as the Podcasting 101 were recorded using Zoom in late March.

This is an evolving topic so I have no question we’ll be doing an updated Basics soon.

In this episode:

  • Working in  Zoom  and ideal settings on web. 3:46
  • Setting Zoom settings on desktop 10:03
  • Using Speedtest to see what your network speed is 15:41
  • Making the best of your wireless connection even it’s not ideal 21:11
  • Streamyard, Free Conference Call and Loola 22:02
  • Using Streamyard 23:41
  • Ecamm Live 29:44
  • Using Loola 31:40
  • Closing thoughts 36:28

Launching Your Podcast: A Workshop

If you’re clicking on this link, you are probably one of the hundreds of people that have been pod curious for some time.

I launched my first podcast 5 years ago and only a few months later, began giving this workshop to curious potential podcasters.

As I began to pivot my company, I realized it was time for me to get a new show going myself that would benefit my clients and friends who were curious but might have a tight budget.

What better than to begin with the workshop that I’ve given the most over the last 4 years?

There is a lot covered in this video in just a short a hour. But I guarantee you’ll feel great with your start.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the You Tube channel!

In this episode:

In this episode:

  • Considerations before you record  2:42
  • Mini Creation Exercise 8:04
  • Talking Style 10:20
  • Organization programs 13:10
  • Using programs to book and schedule guests 16:50
  • Basic recording 18:11
  • Microphones 25:45
  • Recording interfaces 28:10
  • Other tech considerations 32:33
  • Digital Audio Workstations 34:48
  • Recording in your DAW 35:33
  • Recording checklist 37:50
  • Editing 40:19
  • Social Media, Logos and titles 42:07
  • Pre release considerations 43:29
  • Choosing a  host 45:40
  • Setting up your feed 47:10
  • Sponsorship and funding 49:38
  • Getting listeners 50:22
  • More resources 51:23