The Dacha 5.17 with AH GOD, MUJAHADEEN

Set on in a prime location on SE Belmont Avenue, The Dacha is quickly becoming a must see venue in the Portland House show scene.

With art instillations adorning the upstairs and visual installments encouraged in the basement, it’s a visual splendor with a chill vibe.  Hosted by Davey Zilban, recent line-ups have included Laura Palmer’s Death Parade, Coco Cilumbia, cambrian Explosion, and Guantanamo Baywatch.

Opening with performance artists Wretched Teen Fantasy, the band took claim to the weird, with twerked bubbly beats played from under a blanket and a mask clad MC who accentuated the set with saxophone grooves.

MUJAHADEEN played the middle set, with Ali Mujareb’s brand of rock, sprinkled with hints of metal, before closing with AH GOD.

Check out pictures from the night below including the art of Sophie Midles.

Closing the set was the surfy fuzzed psych of AH GOD, set to the visual stylings of liquid light artist Paisley Hobbs.


2012-05-04 02.20.01

2012-05-04 02.11.07

2012-05-04 02.34.35

2012-05-04 02.01.29

2012-05-04 01.50.33