One year Solo: Déjà vu and Nostalgia on a year

Déjà vu and Nostalgia are close cousins.

Déjà vu and Nostalgia

Sometimes time during seasons can blur in such a way that it’s hard to remember the exact details of certain weeks. Rather, a vague sense that time moves faster than other times.

That’s how I feel about February.

It used to be a month that left me sad, mourning loss. But for the last decade it’s been a month that forced decisions, shifted narratives and led me to ask: Can we do more?

This year I’m celebrating my first anniversary as an LLC. Being a legal business has its challenges. There are days where shows need to keep running while taxes need to get done, and calls collaborating production and constant travels are all finely balanced. There are fantastic days and moments of unexpected growth and opportunity. There are also days where it feels like a punch in the face.

Yet, we KNOW that we have to keep producing. It’s not obligation. The show must go on. It’s about the honor of doing the work as much as it is fighting against it’s temper tantrums.

The struggle and strength of February is taking all those memory based experiences and using them to push into the next year. Just like a podcast.

The bumps aren’t every day. They’re the winds before spring. Hopefully they’re the part that helps push this beginning for our company and in our shows for the next decade.

I am currently heading to LA this week for Podcast Evolutions. If you are interested in setting up a meeting at Evolutions or after for consulting, launches or production, click below.

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