Episode 3: Entertainment Lawyer Peter Vaughan Shaver



Advice from an Entertainment Lawyer

A life time lover of music, Peter Vaughan Shaver found his release through the challenges of youth listening to records. Today, he is the top arts and entertainment lawyer in Portland, offering advice to the artistic world. “Let them do the music and I’ll do the business”. Through preventive dentistry, Peter helps artists do what they do best, be artists. We sat down with Peter to discuss the ins and outs of law and music, talk about some of his favorite artists and find out what exactly a “glass harmonica” is.

Recorded by Mike Woodman Johnson at Mountain Air Studios
and Jeni Wren Stottrup at Open Road Studios
Mixed and produced by Jeni Wren Stottrup

Featured Music: “White Flight” by Catherine Feeny and Chris Johnedis

Special thanks to our sponsors at Vortex Music Magazine

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