2020 NAMM with RME Audio: Day 1

We're recording LIVE from the 2020 NAMM show, with RME Audio. In our first day recap episode we talk with RME artists Justine Blazer, Adam Barber and Jon Rezin. 



Day 8 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: Story Saturday Two: Nov 7, 2012

For this week's story telling Saturday, I'm diving in the archives to 2012. I took a trip to visit DC for the night of the Obama's election. One of the most defining experiences of my life, this was my experience.


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Day 7 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: Content Friday 2: Brainstorming

It's Friday and one week into NaPodPoMo! Which means we are going back to where we started: Content Friday! We're building from last week's concept and talking about brainstorming. I'm going to walk you through a short exercise using a white board and Trello.




Day 6 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: AMA Lets Talk Microphones

Day 6 of NaPodPoMo, we're getting into one of my most frequenting asked questions: What Mic should you use? In this short, I share some of the primary microphones I have used over the years and then we talk dynamic vs condenser mics! 



 Day 5 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: Season 4 preview: Kolars from Treefort Music Festival

On Tuesday we're previewing Season 4 of Gritty Birds. This week's interview is with constantly touring married master duo Kolars. I met with the group while they were in Boise in 2017. They are infectious, not just in personality, but also their intense stage set up. A mix of tap, drums and sultry guitar and vocals, they're one of my favorites.




Day 4 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: Marketing Monday Week 1: Jared Mees of Tender Loving Empire

NaPodPoMo Mondays bring us back to season one of Gritty Birds. In this episode we revisit Jared Mees of Tender Loving Empire. The Portland company run and found by Mees and his wife Brianne has grown exponentially since the time the longform interview came out. But his views on the music industry are still relevant.

Day 3 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: Sunday Sessions Week 1: All Saints Day

NaPodPoMo Day Three brings us Sunday Sessions. An empowering short with a meditation and my Dad's Sunday Thoughts. This week it's about All Saints Day, one of our Lutheran Family's Church Traditions and part of my life in Portland with Dia De Los Muertos.

Today's question is:  Am I enough, is my life enough, are my actions and reactions enough.


Day 2 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: Storytelling Saturday Week 1: Choose Your Own Adventure

Adapted from a talk at Podcast Movement's PMX Competition 2019. A love story, a story about creating. During the years I was studying music in Seattle, I worked with jazz legend Overton Berry. In this episode, I share our story and how he helped lay a foundation for telling amazing stories through word and music. 


This is day two of NaPodPoMo and a part of Story Saturday.

Day 1 Gritty Birds NaPodPoMo: Content Friday Week 1: Morning Pages

Gritty Birds is back for a special daily series for the month of November and NaPodPoMo.

Each day of the week will have a slightly different structure and theme. Fridays we’ll talk about creativity and content. Saturdays I’m going to be sharing some stories with you. Sundays I’ll be leading you in guided meditations and Sunday thoughts, inspired my Dad’s weekly messages.


In this episode, we talk about the amazing value of Morning Pages. 

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