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Gritty Birds Podcasting has several consistent clients who we support with editing servcies as well as consulting services. Take a listen to the feeds from our current podcasts!

Getting Your Real Estate Life Together

getting your real estate life together

Hosted by Tracey Hicks of All Things Real Estate in Portland, Oregon.

“On Getting Your Real Estate Life together, we’ll help you be a great Owner/CEO/President of your real estate business. We’ll talk with every day agents about their business, marketing strategies, what works and more importantly.. what doesn’t.While solving our guest’s pain points, we’ll give you tangible take aways you can implement in your business.”

Make/Life Work

make life work

Hosted by Melanie Marconi of Vida coworking in Portland, Oregon.

“We understand first-hand that women face additional – and unique – challenges when launching a new business or high-profile career, ranging from limited access to capital, to socialized gender roles, to underrepresentation in the boardroom, to constantly juggling other responsibilities, notably with their families and home lives. The Make Life/Work Podcast features inspiring women who are, have been, or want to be, at the unique intersection of life of Building a Business While Raising a Family.”

Dream Nation Love

dream nation love

Hosted by Yulia Laricheva, a creative entrepreneur based on the east coast.

“This podcast features interviews with people who are making the world a better place. The discussions offer ideas for creating a better society. Discussions are around tech, social good, diversity, women, STE(A)M, funding, sustainability, entrepreneurism, and life. Amplifying the conscious frequencies on planet earth. Be the light, spread the light.”

Exploring a Course in Miracles

exploring a course in miracles

With Circle of Atonement founder Robert Perry and Executive Director Emily Bennington

“Exploring A Course in Miracles offers in-depth conversations on Course-related topics. To learn more about Circle of Atonement offerings for your spiritual journey, including our Complete and Annotated Edition (CE) of A Course in Miracles and our Course Companions online learning community, please visit”

Fatima’s Hand

fatimas hand

From international political consultant and George Washington University professor Kristina Wilfore.

Fatima’s Hand features change agents across the globe fighting for equality. Combining politics with everyday activism, hear inspiring stories and practical advice from women in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Each show addresses a hot topic on the issue of women’s political participation and leadership, and the person behind it – what is their story, experience and insights? What are the roots of their activism? And how do they stay balanced as women – mothers, sisters, aunties?”