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A Kickstarter Run Down!

As you may have seen on social media or on our mailing list, Gritty Birds has just launched it’s FIRST KICKSTARTER!

With only a couple days in, we’re edging in on $500 and would LOVE YOUR SUPPORT to help us get to $1000 by the end of the weekend.

Here’s a little run down of some of the highlights over the last few days!

1)Late Sunday we got an early launch!

2)At $500 I’ll be releasing several photos from our 2 year anniversary recording with Blossom(pictured), Skull Diver and Coco Columbia taken by photographer Jason Quigley.








3) Love the music from the video? Listen to this playlist! Featuring Natasha Kmeto, Bitch’n, Ages and Ages, Gold Casio(Featuring Coco Columbia) and 10 String Symphony.

4) Rewards!

We have dozens of rewards and I’ll be featuring some of them every couple days. Here are two of my favorites right now!

$50:A night out at Barrio/Portland Mercado Food Carts or Double Dragon with tickets for our next live taping.







$250: An analog photo shoot with Ingrid Renan valued at $750











5) Miss new episodes? ME TOO! I’ll be releasing our live episode with Lucia Fasano once we reach $1500! Lets get to it!












Stay tuned for more featured packages and news!

Hate the formatting? Me too! Guess what, a new website would fix it!


Gritty Birds 2 year anniversary DANCE PARTY!

Gritty Birds and Revolver Studios present:
Gritty Birds 2 year Dance Party!
Hosted by Comedy Lady Kellie Irwin
Friday 5/12/2017
Kelly’s Olympian
Sponsored by XRAY.FM, Revolver Studios and Vortex Music Mag
9 pm
XRAY.FM Radio show and podcast Gritty Birds is celebrating it’s second anniversary Friday May 12th at Kelly’s Olympian with a diverse line-up of women artists including recent WW Best New Band honoree Coco Columbia, upcoming Vortex Artist to Watch Skull Diver, comedienne Kelly Irwin and a secret headlining performance from one of the show’s former guests. The performances will be recorded and released with studio interviews in late spring/early summer. The dance party is sponsored in partnership with XRAY.FM, Vortex Music Magazine and Kelly’s Olympian.
Skull Diver
Skull Diver is a plush pink nightmare of sultry vocals, heavy lyrics, reminiscent synths and dark dreamy guitars. Fronted by sisters Mandy and Ally, the trio derives inspiration from grindhouse film, classic Americana and 70’s cult-culture. A captivating mix between doom metal and psych-pop, their upcoming full length Chemical Tomb is out later this year.
Coco Columbia
Music school drop-out Coco Columbia burst into the Portland music scene in 2014 with her debut, Kickstarter-funded album, “The Weight.” Columbia set aside her passion for jazz drumming to teach herself how to write songs, record, make beats and play piano. Having never performed live, she put together a group of young Portland jazz musicians to learn her material. Columbia released her sophomore record, “When the Birds Begin to Walk” last August to critical acclaim in the Portland Music scene. Her music fuses infectious indie-pop melodies, off-kilter rhythmic feels, dreamy-eyed electro-soul soundscapes, and jazz harmony to create her own brand of bumpin’ future-pop.
Kellie Irwin
Kellie Irwin is a comedian, writer and host. She has just made her way back to Portland, after spending 10 years in Wyoming, where she studied the effects of stupidity and alcohol on mend and women, in a small town habitat. Her research as a comedian, scientist has proven to be fascinating an draw. Kellie’s biggest accomplishment to date, would be her undying ability to take life’s worst situations and make them unforgetabbly laughable.
Gritty Birds is:
In April 2014, soul/rnb songwriter and vocalist Jeni Wren had a panic attack on stage headlining a Soul’d Out Music festival date at Doug Fir Lounge.
Conflicted between the love of songwriting, producing records and managing a 7 piece band, Wren had questions about what it took to be successful and creative with the increased pressures of today’s music industry.
Shifting from music production to audio production, Wren interviewed friends from around Portland includingJared Mees(Tender Loving Empire), Alicia Rose(Benefits ofGusbandry), Fahiym B. Acuay(We Out Here Magazine), and Jeremy Wilson(Dharma Bums) to find the answer, releasing the first season May 11 of 2015.
The original summer season, running 11 episodes, planted a seed that germinated a year later. After losing her job as an elementary school teacher as her anxiety continued to grow, Wren found her feet again with Gritty Birds, reimagining the podcast for radio inpartnership with XRAY.FM. The second “season” debuted April 12, 2016.
In a year that included a RACC funded trip to Podcast Movement and facing for the first time, publicly, her experience with sexual assault, Wren interviewed over 50 artists(Ken Stringfellow, David Bazan, Thao Nguyen, Reva DeVito, Logan Lynn) in several states and at multiple music festivals(Treefort, Pickathon), expanding and refining the series to an NPR-style narrative form.
Moving into the 3rd season, Wren is taking a strong stance as a mental health advocate for working artists and producers. The 3rd season will be exploring the narrative format in a deeper way, featuring multiple stories and narratives in episodes, moving to a bi-monthly release schedule and expanding her conversations up and down the West Coast.
Gritty Birds Media will continue to grow this with an upcoming Kickstarter and increased focus on the show’sblog, YouTube channel and Anchor.FM show.
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Episode 55 with Manika

This week we’re hanging out with Las Vegas Pop Starlet Manika. Whether it’s playing MGM Grand Las Vegas, hosting TLC’s Global Beauty Masters, Touring with One Direction or recording a single with Tyga, Manika is staying gritty by keeping one step ahead.


The Griswolds

Aussie pop band The Griswolds have had a fast rise in recent years. The fun-loving band’s new album “High Times for Low Lives” is an ode to the joys and perils of life on the road. Lead singer Chris sat down with me to share the inspiration behind the album and how they’re taking charge today.