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Episode 11: Papi Fimbres

News around town is buzzing with the return of Mascaras, Orchestra Pacifica Tropical, Sun Angle ETC drummer Papi Fimbres.  Returning just in time for spring barbeques and Treefort in newly weed legal Portland, he couldn’t expect more of a warm homecoming.

Last season of The Gritty Birds podcast ended with an interview with the dynamic artist who has been playing and exploring over in Germany with his fab wife Shana Fimbres and their duo project Dreckig.

On a personal note, Gritty Birds is also coming back, partnering with local label Self Group, continuing the DIY focus of the first season while expanding to artists and industry professionals outside of Portland.  We’ve got some big things in store, just you wait.

Episode 9: Brandon Day
One of the questions faced by every artist is how to sustain yourself financially. Marmoset Music, based in Portland Oregon, has sought to answer this question, connecting artists and advertising through sync licensing. In this week’s episode, I interviewed Brandon Day, the company’s artist wrangler and talent scout. Brandon shared his insights on the ins and outs of licensing, some of his favorite artists today and where to find the best bike rides in the Portland area.

Recorded and mixed at Open Roads Studios by Jeni Wren Stottrup
Produced by Jeni Wren Stottrup
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Underscore “Disbelief” by The Papers

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Episode 1: Stirling Myles

Myles has toured the US and Europe with his band Alameda while working as a social media manager for the boutique music licensing agency Marmoset and writing for publications such as Seattle Weekly and 1859. Most recently, he started the series Bus Talk, where he collaborates with artists to make drawings of things he overhears on his daily commute. And, he’s been mistaken for Dan Auerbach on more than one occasion.

I sat down with him last fall in our first-ever podcast to ask him about everything from his secret hidden talent to advice on social media and touring in the US and Europe. Listen below as we work our way through a myriad of questions and topics.

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Jeni Wren Stottrup

Featured music: “Summer Dharma” by Alameda

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