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Cliff Note Transcriptions for Storytellers using YouTube

We have made a BIG breakthrough!

I am Jeni. I run a weekly narrative music industry podcast called Gritty Birds at XRAY.FM in Portland, Oregon.

We spend A LOT of time on transcription. Thanks to one of our friends in She Podcast, we’ve FOUND A HACK!

The process takes a few hour of loading, but leaves you with a time stamp heavy transcript. It’s perfect for pre-editing and scripting and just left us VERY excited.

“Greedy Bird Podcast” lol

We’ve got more videos coming in the next week including a follow up to my live video on Facebook on my new live set up including reviews.

This week’s episode is with Australian rockers, The Griswolds.

Jeni Wren

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Episode 17 preview: Christopher Willits

In the penultimate episode of the Treefort series with DIY label Self Group, I settled in for an intimate conversation with electronic artist and creator Christopher Willits.

Taking a holistic approach to art, Willits first began exploring the tech side of music as student after getting introduced to real time processing in the nineties. ““If I can do that with a computer I will take the time to figure out all this stuff” Willits realized, and has been actively pioneering music technology since.

His current tech project, ENVELOP seeks to break the mold of how we have traditionally listened to music, with a mobile studio he is helping build in Salt Lake City and a permanent space in San Francisco.

Tune in Thursday at 1 pm PST to KXRY 107.1 and 91.1 in Portland, Oregon and streaming at

The episode will air online at Vortex Music Magazine on Friday.

Find out more about Christopher Willits and ENVELOP at:,, and
Photo credit: Alingo Loh

Episode 12: YACHT

Last week, Gritty Birds debuted as a radio show, but true to form, the podcast is still alive.  Check out the first episode of my Treefort series partnership with Self Group and photographer Ingrid Renan featuring native Oregonians, LA transplants and self described “pop-punks” YACHT currently on tour with M83, including two sold out nights, April 25th and 26th at Portland’s Roseland Theatre.

Check out the next episode with Radiation city this week on KXRY XRay FM Thursdays from 1-1:30.  Episodes are on iTunes Mondays.